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Olympia Electronics

Fire Alarm System

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Quality of Materials

We at Lad Company offer our customers the best quality. The brand we use in our work like GE, Aiditec, EAE, Schneider, ABB, Metallux, Ozcan, Panasonic, Legrand, MD Electronics, Osram, Samsung, Philips… .

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Experienced Team

LAD’s Engineering Team Can work in industrial and Residential Projects and we are experienced in both. There are many Projects that we worked for them and their satisfaction is the best resume for us.

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Unique Technologies

Lad’s Main Goal is supporting the Costumers in Cases which no Company can help. As LAD we Tried to have the Best Range of Quality for our Products, The Best Famous Brands are available in Our Company.

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30 Years of Experience


We offer modern and compact design for your project.

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Our stock is ready to complete your projects, check it.

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Our experience is enough for building a great. let’s start.

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What We Offer for You

Professional Services

Lightning & Grounding

We offer your best product in this field and establish it in the best way. Lad is an official Aiditec agency in Iraq. and the manufacturer of GIM.

Fire Alarm System

Olympia Electronics presents her 42-year experience to the world in the field of Fire Alarm System, and we have transferred this experience to Iraq.

Emergency Light

In 1979, Olympia Electronics pioneered the production of The emergency light in the world. Most of the world’s major projects have trusted the Olympia.

Busbar System

We are the first companies in Iraq to import and establish this system, and now we recommend the EAE, because it has the highest quality and newest technology.

Video Door Phone

Life is different now, we live in the apartment now, so live easier with us, and we offer you an advanced Multitek system. Easy, fast, layout, different choices and different colors.

Metal Lux Light

It is a great honor to be able to work with Metalox, and it is a great honor for you to have metalox products in your home that originate from the emanating of original Italian design.

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Why Choose Us

Best Quality

Quality is the most important Difference between Lad and others, we will offer you the best which you cannot find anywhere. Please checkout our brand list to make sure.


Throughout our work, we’ve always had three essential qualities that were the key to success between us and our customers: Integrity, Integrity, and Integrity.


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. We will protect our customers from any probable problems which may happen by our previous plans.


You don’t need to know the whole alphabet of safety because we will consider it in our plans, Your tranquility is precious for us and this is why Lad thinks about your safety.


Alone; We can do so little. Together; We can do so much; This is our rule for working, We are here to adjust your imagination, We turn dreams into reality.


Lad tries to have a stable quality, which means every day we will go forward in the quality basement. HQ Products with a foundation of advanced design and plans.

Lightning System

Aiditec Systems

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Olympia Electronics

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