Tank Cathodic Protection

Tank Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection – Working to extend the life of critical structures

Tank storage of crude, petroleum, chemicals and other liquids provides a critical interface between production and transportation. Aging infrastructure and the risk of leakage and structural failure is an intolerable risk to terminal operators. This is why Corrosion Service focuses on providing tank cathodic protection designs, engineering, supply and field services to the tank storage industry in Canada and the United States of America.

Cathodic protection is the most common electrochemical technique used to prevent external corrosion on tank floors, and if the product chemistry is correct internal cathodic protection is simple to apply.

Systems come in a variety of configurations depending on the tank construction, which include; peripheral anodes, mesh anodes, existing floor anodes and carbon disc anodes. For the interior of the tank, rod or bar anodes are commonly used.

Cathodic Protection is accomplished by applying a direct current to the tank surface of the metal, which causes the electrochemical potential of the structure to shift from a corroding state to a polarized and non-corroding state.

Our team and the services that we offer

Our team and the services that we offer

Tank cathodic protection systems can vary, and whether the project is new build, rehabilitation, or routine maintenance, our talented team of industry professionals is empowered to understand the unique characteristics of every enquiry. This is important because as an organization, Corrosion Service strives to provide the extremely high level of support and partnership necessary in order to create the customized solutions that our clients require on a daily basis.

Team members are highly trained, with all engineering staff certified at various levels.

Service Profile - Design Services

System optimization is critical at the tank cathodic protection design stage to ensure the system components are selected, sized and strategically located to provide efficient current distribution for the tank asset to be protected.

Our long history of design and complete understanding of the electrochemical process, having designed thousands of tank AST or buried cathodic protections systems over the years for various clients in Iraq give our present and future clients the confidence in Corrosion Service.

Our Design teams consist of trained and certified professionals having all the skills to complete the job. Our Engineering and Drafting services and as well support staff follow defined work flows that allow full exposure to internal and external auditors confirming system excellence prior to installation. Having established and documented work flows for the entire design process ensures our process is transparent and instills confidence that the designed system will exceed the clients expectation once installed for many years to come.

Service Profile - Installation Services

We have dedicated crews that are trained in the installation of tank cathodic protection systems. Projects range from installing a single sacrificial anode onto a coated underground day tank or providing large crews installing tank perimeter vertical wells or anode systems installed directly under the tank bottom as per the design requirements.

To ensure the work in is completed on budget and on time we own a fleet of construction equipment and have partnered with specialised prequalified contractors that have the required skills to assist us in completing the job.

Service Profile - System Commissioning and Annual Maintenance Survey

Efficiency and effectiveness of the tank cathodic protection system design and installation is a thoroughly evaluated when the system components are commissioned and the adjustive energization survey is undertaken.

Following defined project commissioning and/or test procedures, all components are reviewed, documented and once technical parameters are met, the system is energized and adjusted to achieve maximum efficiency while ensuring tank asset complete cathodic protection.

Having trained and qualified staff is critical in completing this work and Corrosion Service has specialized crews that are trained and certified for completing commissioning reporting, compliance inspections, annual and adjustive maintenance surveys.

All data obtained from site is reviewed and a technical analysis is completed by specialist engineers and information is included in a detailed report for the clients to review and issue with confidence to regulators.

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