Metal Lux Light

Metal Lux is located in the heart of the Veneto lighting industry district and the company has proudly reached its 43-year business milestone.Metal Lux has always been present in major international markets thanks to its strong sales network and started exhibiting in the most prestigious trade fairs in the 1970s. The company has successfully innovated and renewed, creating top-quality design products with the help of a large group of co-workers who are highly specialized in different artisanal skills. Shifting market conditions persuaded Metal Lux to create a new production line of bespoke items for the hospitality and high-end residential sectors. Customers request new items, which are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art design systems and cutting-edge metalworking equipment. The vast experience acquired over the its years in business and its market presence mean that Metal Lux can offer lighting solutions characterized by a high technological content at competitive prices and with a fast turnaround time. The headquarters are set in a lovely natural environment with important waterways, and DOP fruit and vegetable plantations. In 2012 Metal Lux installed a 366 kW photovoltaic system that covers almost all energy requirements. The system is fitted to the production plant roof and comprises 1.600 solar panels that ensures non-emission of 220 tons of CO2.

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