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The company was founded in 2015 under the name Rak Lighting and later in 2018 the owner had decided to change its name to LAD. The company focuses on electrical contracts general trading, and manufacturing. In the field of importing products from authorized and well- known brands, new steps had been taken which could be interpreted as highly effective first step towards filling in the market gaps.



Work Experience

Aiditec Projects Rods and cell sites

  • Sarchnar accommodation building.
  • Anwar Shexa Hospital.
  • Container café.
  • Raparin Hospital.
  • Hawari Jwani Towers.
  • Cigarrete factory in Mawat.
  • Germany village 3 (3 Towers).
  • Douz Oil factory (3 Rods and Fully Earthing Protection)
  • Many Villages in Sitak.
  • Fancy Factory (5 rods).
  • Qaiwan tower (cell site).
  • Dukanian tower (cell site).
  • Takia tower (cell site).
  • Harwata tower (cell site).
  • Hez Galvanize Factory.

Busbar truncking system Busbar Duct

  • Delta cement factory (6.6 KV, 4000 A)
  • Hawari Jwani Towers.
  • Daik City building (EAE).
  • Anwar Shexa Medical city.
  • Daik city power plant (Italian DKC).

Hospitals Lighting and electrical instruments

  • Anwar Shexa Medical City.
  • Hiwa Hospital.
  • Peshmarga Hospital.
  • Smart Health Towers.
  • Shameran Pharmacy.

Houses, villas, and apartments Lighting instruments , fire alarm systems

  • Asoy Gash City.
  • Hawary Jwani 2.
  • Germany village 3.
  • Garden City.
  • Lebanese city (In Erbil).
  • Mamostayan City.
  • Dilan City.
  • Darwaza City.
  • Dream City.
  • Dania City: Spot light, linear: lighting with IP 67 for its SPA.
  • Daik City (Video Door Phone).
  • Garden City (Video Door Phone).

Communication Companies Fire Alarm Systems, Lighting Instruments.

  • Asia Cell towers in Qaiwan and Takia.
  • Korek Telecom tower.
  • Zain tower.
  • Kurdtel .

Hotels Lighting instruments, and boards

  • Lawa Hotel.
  • Sham Hotel.
  • Wlat Hotel.
  • Hasty Hotel.
  • Grand Million Sulemani.

Fire Stations fire alarm systems

  • Fire Station in Taslwja.
  • Fire Station in Tanjaro.

Universities fire alarm systems, lighting instruments

  • University of Sulaymaniyah.
  • Sulaymaniyah collage for girls.
  • Kirkuk university (nursing department).
  • University of Human Development.

Apartments Drilling , Piping , wiring and finishing electrical installation

  • Baran Complex.


  • Aiditec Lightning Protection Systems (from 2018 until now) - Lightning and earthing systems.
  • Olympia Electronics (from 2021 until now)
    (Fire alarm systems and exit lights, emergency light, thermostat)
  • Multitek: (Video door phone system)
  • E-Light: (outdoor lighting)
  • Lighting brands: (OSRAM, Philips, Makel, and Golnoor)
  • Busbar Truncking System: (DKC, and EAE)
  • General Electric: (low, medium, high voltage)
  • Panasonic: (Electrical switches)
  • Electrical switches: (LEGRAD, GEWISS, and Philips)
  • Chandelier brands: (Ozcan, Avoni, and Metalux)

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