Our company’s first step was establishing in the field of “Stretch Ceiling” in 2003. which initially concentrated in the field of “Stretch Ceiling” systems, Kept up its studies on “Linear Led Lighting products” in 2005, which performed very effective and pioneering solutions in each field. Successful projects have enabled our company to concentrate in decorative and architectural lighting areas, and our company has gradually withdrawn from the area of “Stretch Ceiling” systems, creating its own brand in 2013 and directed towards the lighting field completely. The pioneering works, projects, and technological developments in the led sector during this period made the first signs that the “Led Revolution in Lighting” would be experienced. Our company, which saw this development and progress, decided to take place as a manufacturer in the field of “Led Lighting” at the beginning of 2015 and started to make all its investments in this direction. We started to produce our Led lighting products and offer them to our customers. At first, we have aimed to create our production philosophy on the basis of domestic production, high quality, customer orientation, respect for people, environment and nature. Our company, which never compromises from these principles, has succeeded to be one of the leading companies in its region in a short period of time. In order to perform in a higher capacity, faster and higher quality service; We started the production of Linear LED light by establishing the “LAD™ Light” company as a branch of LAD™ Company located in As Sulemanyah – Iraq. Our company, which has realized more than 300 big projects so far, is now; a Company that designs and implements its own products and provides services to many countries abroad. Throughout the following pages, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the LED LAD™ world of Experience, Engagement, Innovation, Products, Trust, Excellence and Presence. We are happy to provide solutions with knowledge and passion.   Lad™ Light Website