Olympia Electronics S.A., the largest purely Greek electronic security industry, with exports to more than 72 countries, has adopted in recent years production and control processes that result in the market of products that are fully compliant with European quality standards and construction (EN). The company has been certified according to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 140001. Olympia Electronics S.A. firmly believes that certifications are the most reliable tool for the quality and origin of products and that is why it goes through their certification processes. Recently obtained certificates from the EVPU European Certified Laboratory for Fire Alarms products: BSR-5136 (Addressable call point), BSR-6160 (Addressable rate-of-rise heat detector), BS-660/A (Conventional rate-of-rise heat detector) and BSR-8120 (twin input/output unit). The purpose of Olympia Electronics S.A. is to obtain certificates for all of its products to make them even more competitive. Product certifications provide several benefits, such as overall quality improvement, improved production organization, cost reduction and better resource management, a powerful marketing tool to promote them, open up foreign markets. The above benefits of certified products are well documented in the field of electronic security systems, where certifications are the most useful tool for the prominence and reliability of its products.  

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