Product Information

The panel has 4 zones with one extinguish output :

  • Two cross zones  for  fire detectors.
  • One zone for a manual call point to start the extinguish procedure.
  • One zone for a manual call point to cancel the extinguish procedure.
  • One fire extinguish  output  monitored for  open and short circuit. The output can operate with actuators or electro valves.
  • Three  modes  of  operation
  • The panel has  two independent  siren outputs.
  • One contact relay for fault  status.
  • Two fully programable relay contacts.
  • Terminals to communicate with conventional fire detection panels.

The battery Α-986 (12V/7Ah) is required for the operation of the panel.

All functions and indications are according  to European Norms ΕΝ 12094-1.




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