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BASE-6124/SB Base for Addressable Detector with Siren and Beacon

BASE-6124/SB Base for Addressable Detector with Siren and Beacon

Product Information

The unit BASE-6124/SB is a base with siren and beacon for addressable detectors. It uses the remote output of the detector for power and for alarm. In case of fire it produces a light and a sound signal, selectable by switches, that covers a large area. It cooperates exclusively with the BSR-100X series panels and its detectors. The addressable detectors that cooperate with the unit BASE-6124/SB are: BSR-6155,BSR-6157 and BSR-6160 (without base). During alarm operation, the LED’s flash and the siren sounds. The alarm sound and flashing of the device stops only after panel reset.

The BASE-6124 / SB has 3 operating options: A siren with a lighthouse operation, a siren only or a lighthouse only operation. You can easily choose each option by adjusting the switches on the device.





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