Product Information

Produced in accordance with EN54-2, EN54-4.
128 zone capability.
Auto-addressing capabilities.
220-240V AC mains power supply.
It offers 4 fully monitored siren outputs with a rating of 24V / 0,3A  and 1 programmable relay, as well as 8 extra relays.
Incorporated power supply with a rating of  24V/100W and built-in battery charger for 24V batteries with a capacity of up-to 15Ah.
The panels offer an extensive list of adjustments and characteristics for the control of the installed devices and sirens. These parameters can easily be adjusted using a PC based program.
The programming of the panel can also be done through an onboard USB.
Messages can be viewed on LCD display whereas LEDs are used to show basic operations such as alarms, pre alarms and faults.
The operation is done using the built-in 11 key keypad.
There is also an incorporated safety lock.
The maximum delay for the sirens is 10 minutes.
Optional Ethernet control capability.
Optional modbus expansion.
Optional external printer expansion.





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