Ozcan Lighting

Özcan Illumination Industry Trade Co. Ltd. Founded in 1987 is giving service in the sector of indoor lighting. Özcan Lighting is working hard to give the best service to its customers and closely follows the developments in the world with its more than 100 employees, manufacturing facility that is 8000 square meters, 4 stores, rich range of products, strong technical service and after sales approach.

Our company based in Istanbul adds value to our country both at national and international level with its authorized sales representatives and dealers all around Turkey in the field of indoor lighting.

Özcan Lighting which set forth with the slogan of “Style in Lighting” is strengthening its respectable and original line thanks to its high quality and aesthetic product portfolio while it’s taking firm steps forward by being backed of the words.

Özcan Lighting that is continuing to embody the claim of being a global player by making important investments started to operate its Showroom at Küçükköy which is also used as headquarters until 2011.

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